IRW Schedule

Meetings are held in SSB104 every other Tuesday, from 3p to 5:30p, with extra sessions as announced in class or arranged with students. These sessions will generally meet in the same room and at the same time as the regularly scheduled ones but in the "off" weeks.

Most presentations are password-protected because they represent work in progress. You should have received the password in class. Contact the IRW leader if you have not and you feel you should have.

All presentations are in PDF format.

The 2012-13 Schedule

October 2
Presentation: Mark Hallerberg
October 9
Professional Development Series: Things I wish I knew when I was in grad school. (Branislav)
October 16
Special Session: What a dissertation prospectus looks like and how do I come up with a topic? (Branislav)
October 23
Ryan Jablonski, How Aid Targets Votes? The Impact of Electoral Incentives on Foreign Aid Distribution.
Michael Plouffe, Liberalization for Sale: Heterogeneous Firms and Lobbying over FTAs.
October 30
Session for 2nd and 3rd year students: discussion of papers and prospectuses.
November 6
R. Blake McMahon, Military Adaptation in Conflict
David Lindsey, Military Incentives, Private Information, and War.
November 13
Off-week. No meeting.
November 20
Canceled due to illness.
November 27
Cesi Cruz. Social Networks and the Targeting of Illegal Electoral Strategies.
Daniel Maliniak and Jesse Driscoll. Saakashvili's War? Measuring Audience Costs in Georgia.
December 4
Cesi Cruz and Christina Schneider, (Unintended) Electoral Effects of Foreign Aid.
Special Session: A Talk on Talks (Branislav), available in Adobe PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint formats.
January 16
Christopher O'Keefe, Firm Heterogeneity and Foreign Aid.
Session for 2nd and 3rd year students: progress report.
February 13
Elaine Denny, The Differential Price of Peace: Patterns in Inequality Outcomes after Civil Conflict
April 16
Konstantin Ash, Sub-national Group Allegiance after Civil War Initiation
Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld, Social Con´Čéict: Microstructural Explanations for its Outbreak, Intensity, and International Diffusion
April 30
Aditya Ranganath, Essays on the Geography of Foreign Economic Policy
Jason Kuo, Product Safety, Regulatory Credibility, and Public Attitudes toward Trade: The Case of American Beef Imports to Taiwan
May 14
Jim Shen, Human Rights Respect and Conflict Initiation
Special Session: On (Academic) Publishing (Branislav), available in Adobe PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint formats.
May 21
Special Session: On Publishing (James Fowler).
Cameron Brown, Cease-Fires and Peace Accords